The Iron Condor Report is a group of dedicated Options Traders who carefully selected their Options Trading rules based on the experience of 3 different Options Pit Traders with over 60 years of combined Options trading experience.

Our strategy is thoroughly back tested using over 20 years of trading data.

We use the following key indicators to determine which trades are optimal for our strategy  - these values are calculated using a realtime data feed and continuously updated:

  • RUT (Russel 2000) underlying price movements.
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
  • IV (Implied Volatility)
    • 24 Month price range and current position
    • IV value movements
    • IV channeling
    • IV trend
  • Standard Deviation Range of the Short Strikes
  • % distance of the Short Strikes
  • DELTA values of the Short Stikes
  • Spread pricing matrix
You can let over 60 years of experience, and a small pile of servers do all the hard work for  you.